DUIs are some of the most complicated cases we have in Florida. They can also have serious long lasting consequences including probation, license suspension and jail time. The statute’s language and case law (statute 316.193) has been evolving for decades and is argued about more fiercely than most criminal felony statutes. When the battle is on in the courtroom, or during plea negotiations with state far away from the courtroom, you are going to want someone who knows his way around the courtroom and the legal arguments.

At AAA Legal Services you will have a lawyer who has prosecuted thousands of DUIs and knows how these cases can be attacked and where weaknesses can present themselves and developed.

Furthermore, we know that a DUI is more than just the case in front of the judge. If a person refuses to blow into the machine he/she will have their license suspended for 12 months if it is the first time or 18 months if it is the second. Or if a person blows over a .08 the license will be suspended for 6 months. But if you contact us right away there is an opportunity to have a hearing to determine if the license can be reinstated. This is a right we all have, but the hearing must be set in 10 days of the arrest, so timing is of the essence.

In the end, it is the communication between the client and the attorney that will provide the best opportunity to finish the case to your satisfaction. It is the commitment to this relationship that AAA Legal Services makes to each and every client