About Us

In our legal representation of clients we value and look forward to every opportunity to serve their needs. We strive to satisfy those needs by attracting skilled and committed attorneys and staff, representing a diverse background. We look forward to handling the work of new clients and to maintaining our successful working relationship with our existing clients. We remain committed to the traditions started more than fifteen years ago. We Provide good and honest service to all clients.

The basic principle applied by our firm in the legal field of Personal Injury, Family Law and Immigration Law is very important to the implementation of the client’s legal needs to establish a successful, sound, long-term attorney client relationship.

Lawyers and attorneys serve an important dual role, acting both as advocates and advisors. In whatever role they are filling, attorneys employ their time researching the written law, legal precedence, and apply both in their clients’ cases. As advisors, lawyers may suggest courses of action and advise their clients as to their legal rights. By representing their clients in court and arguing on their behalf, lawyers fill their role as advocates.